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Aim of the Japanese Advisory Board on Feline Infectious Diseases (JABFID)

Cats have lived in and around houses inhabited by humans from long ago, at least from the Heian era in Japan. Catching mice was an important job for cats, but their presence was seemingly more than being mousers. In a famous Japanese novel by Soseki Natsume, “I am a Cat”, the story of the master of a black cat and his master’s friends are told through the eyes of the house’s cat. Cats have always been recognized as companions living freely among humans.

Indoor cats are increasing in number in recent years, but cats who roam outdoors and stray cats form a group society where infectious agents are easily transmitted and maintained in the cat population. For human beings and cats to live together, knowledge and understanding of feline infectious diseases are necessary.

JABFID was established in 2008 to distribute useful information on feline infectious diseases and to promote related researches. This homepage is a comprehensive website on feline infectious diseases which summarizes knowledge in this field in and outside of Japan, introduces information from related international organizations, and provides links to related scientific journals. JABFID’s goal is to promote presentations and publications from Japan to the world through planning and execution of original research and supporting research in this field.

All activities and information from JABFID are based on scientific evidence. We hope the information obtained through this homepage is useful for professionals working in the area of feline infectious diseases, consequently resulting a happy life for both cat owners and their beloved cats.

Hajime Tsujimoto

Department of Veterinary Internal Medicine

Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences

The University of Tokyo